Add a Complete bike scrub To Any Tune up- $20

Basic tune up- $39.95

Everything you will need to get back down the trail safely:

  • Adjust Brakes
  • Adjust Drive-train
  • Wipe down wheels and frame
  • Lube Cables
  • Safety check

Vince Francis - owner and mechanic

Having over 10 years experience building, repearing, and riding bikes he will treat your bike like it was one of his own! Ensuring that you will leave satified. 

Sticky Cable tune up- $79.95

Everything from the basic tune up as well as:

  • Lateral Wheel true (both wheels)
  • New Rear shifter Cable and Housing installation
  • Clean and Lube Drive-train

Dirty Drive-train tune up- $149.95

Everything from the sticky cables tune up as well as:

  • removal of drive-train for a soak and scrub
  • clean, lube and adjust bottom bracket
  • clean and adjust headset
  • Replace all cables and housing

Our Services

We do a wide range of services in our shop- if you can't find what you are looking for listed below just ask!